Thursday , 24 June 2021



Dan Bublitz Jr. is and always will be a nerd.  In fact he was nerd before being a nerd was cool.  Dan was born and raised in South Dakota and now resides in San Diego, CA. Dan is a laid back guy that transforms into a ball of energy bringing a fast paced adrenaline rush to the stage mixing his life experiences with his humorous observations for a show that will be without a doubt entertaining. 
In 2011 Dan was invited to perform at the Laugh Track Comedy Festival in Denver, CO.  While residing in San Diego, Dan won the 2011 "On The Rocks Comedy Contest" and was a finalist in 2012.  Dan was also a finalist in the 2012 "Rockstar Comedy Throwdown".  He has started to break into acting with a small role in the upcoming indie short film "Side Job" schedule to release in 2013.  Dan has performed in clubs and venues all over the country. 
Dan Co founded Phat-Panda Entertainment, which is an independent production company based in San Diego that produces live comedy shows, a web series, and sketch videos. 
Before comedy Dan owned his own comic book store “Empiric Cards & Comics”.  He even dabbled with film making and wrote, directed, and  produced several short films which include "M.O.M.", "Dakota Jones and the Slammer Hammer", and "Medicated"; that can all be found online. 
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